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Dr. Grant Babkow has been practicing chiropractic care at our Irvine, CA facility for 6 years. His studies with the Titleist Performance Institute presently make him one of only two medical professionals in Orange County who have attained a Level 3 certification. Dr. Babkow’s current practice places a great deal of emphasis on sports-related medical care, including golf-specific fitness, instruction, and rehabilitation.

We seek to offer the latest in chiropractic care, specializing in the musculoskeletal relationship for more lasting results (whole body care).

Grant Babkow has been a licensed practitioner of chiropractic care for 23 years. He was trained at Palmer College of Chiropractic, and earned his D.C. in 1987. Dr. Babkow is married and has one son.  When not working at the office, he likes to bike ride and spend time with his family.

Dr. Babkow specializes in whole body careand does not limit his practice to spinal adjustments. He is ART certified and NMRtrained, making him a soft-tissue specialist. As a TPI Level 3 Medical Professional (the highest level currently attainable), Dr. Babkow also specializes in golf-related medical care and instruction. FMSand SFMA certified, he is qualified to administer FMS athletic prescreenings (an injury-predictability assessment), as well as SFMAmedical assessments (which enables him to isolate and pinpoint sports-related injuries). Please see our Treatment Techniques page (under “Patient Services”) for more information.